House On The Moon

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Pop up Bar & Restaurant
  • Company/Firm
    SODA (Spirit of Design Analogy Pte Ltd)
  • Lead Designer
    Ching Yew Tung
  • Other Designer(s)
  • Photo Credit
    Studio Sago
  • Location
  • Project Date
    November 2021
  • Construction Company
  • Architect
    Spark Architects
  • Interior Designer
    SODA (Spirit of Design Analogy Pte Ltd)
  • Hospitality
  • Developer
    Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated
  • Project Link

House On The Moon adopted a narrative of an unapologetic disrupter from the cosmic world. Imagine living in the cosmic space without weight and force, the spatial typology of anti-gravity and imbalance naturally surfaced. This is the thinking process that inspired the spatial design for House On The Moon which is translated into diverse angular tilts and faceted forms. The disposition of a foreign subject that disregard the community and tries to occupy its territories with a collection of intrusive lightnings and obnoxious tilts and slants. One main bolt of lightning stretches as a feature light that connects two shop units as one. The fixtures were devised as a space age architecture that is formed by textures and objects from the cosmic world, such as Moonrock stones on the floor finishing and fibre-grained panels on the fixtures.
House On The Moon is a dining and dessert bar helmed by Hüseyin Turan who is the protégé of multi-Michellin starred chef, Juan Amador. Chef Hüseyin brings his impeccable sensibility of culinary finesse to the dishes he creates with modern-fusion savoury and desserts dishes paired with mystified teas that will arouse our conscience for more.