Gruta Café-Restaurante

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design –– Eating Space
  • Company/Firm
    António Fernandez Architects
  • Lead Designer
    António Fernandez
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Ema Rosmaninho
  • Location
    Avenida Sá Carneiro, 9000-017 Funchal, Portugal
  • Project Date
  • Construction Company
    Horas Modernas, Lda.
  • Architect
    António Fernandez & Ema Rosmaninho
  • Interior Designer
    António Fernandez
  • Hospitality
    Meia Serra Restauração, Lda.
  • Developer
    Meia Serra Restauração, Lda.
  • Project Link

The rehabilitation of Santa Catarina's cave intended to give back to the city the natural space hollowed out of the rock, through the reinstallation of the old use that gave it its charisma.
The concept underlying the design process is related to the theme of the "cave" as a natural space shaped by nature and carved by the action of water. The purpose was to offer the city a dynamic space, namely a characterful and innovative restaurant establishment that would take advantage of the best the space had to offer.
Thus, whoever approaches the "cave" is called to attention by the flock of stylized birds that flutters outside. Inside, the lure of space leads to something completely new. The reinterpretation of the cave has been thought through in every detail. All the constructive details, decoration, sculptures, and information plaques were conceived and executed in a unique way. The water that once flowed and hung through the cracks has been crystallised and now golden water flows from the ceiling, hanging from it and is suspended in time. It is purely and simply the magical, golden grotto where the tired "sailor" finds a place to vote for contemplation in a fantastic world.

António Fernandez Architects is an architecture and urbanism company, which throughout its existence has been developing several projects in different areas, such as housing, equipment and services, also dedicating itself to the design of furniture and graphic design integrated in the works that creates.
The architecture office has dedicated to the design of the space environment, whether small or large scale, instilling in its creation the same rigor and devotion in the idealization, realization and materialization of design pieces, furniture and architectural works that he designs.

Other prizes
2021 Muse design Award, Platinum, S Roque House, Muse design Award, Platinum, RM House Muse design Award, Platinum, Papagaio Verde House 2020 Liv Hospitality Awards, Honorable Mention, Gruta Café-Restaurante Prémios Lusófonos de Arquitectura e Design de Interiores, Bonze, S. Roque House