• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Architecture –– Living Space
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
  • Location
    Teia 08329, Maresme, Barcelona
  • Project Date
  • Construction Company
    9 TEAM constructor de obres y FAUS S.A.
  • Architect
    Ignacio sanfeliu arboix
  • Interior Designer
    ignacio sanfeliu arboix
  • Hospitality
    private house
  • Developer

The project is a refurbishment and extension of a “Masía” from the sixties. Because of this, the shape of the main facade had to be preserved. The project is located in the Maresme, in the province of Barcelona, near the coastline in a unique natural environment.

The proposal takes advantage of a pre-existing natural platform, while integrating the topography to avoid avoid further damage on the territory. Water becomes an element that joins the house and enhances the slope towards the pool through a staircase waterfall.

The vehicle access is moved through the North part, next to the threshold of the farm and the Northeast facade, in this way it is possible to set free the southwest space in front of the house and increase the garden-roof space, becoming one of the best outdoor spaces of the project. The two-story extension to the room area, facing west, draws a curve on the back of the current house. The main room on the other hand faces southeast with direct views of the sea.

In the north facade, canadian maple wooden slats are proposed, which would privatize from the outside while allowing light to enter inside. In the west area mobile slats are proposed.

Academic data
2018 President of the final project Court, La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull
2011-2017 Court member in more than 40 architecture final projects 2010-2016 ETSAB, UPC
1999-2008 Member of courts in the school of fine arts of the UB (Barcelona University)
1997 PhD ETSAB, UPC Barcelona
1991-2020 Associate professor at the UPC, ETSAB
1987 Architect ETSAB, UPC Barcelona

Professional data

2019-Founder and vice president of GIxSU, group of urban sustainability in Barcelona
2018 Academic Member of Athens Institute for Education and Research ATINER
2015-2020AUS (Architecture and Sustaina

Other prizes
2009-2010 -Awards Recognition most consulted doctoral thesis in the UPC (University Polytecnical of Catalonia -PhD ”Ephemeral Architecture” the most consulted architectonical thesis in TDI, 2010-2011 -Price mention DECADA Oscar Tusquets Foundation 2008 Barcelona. Anna Frank square -1first price CEIP School in Sant Jaume dels Domenys village 1999 - FAD selection price 1998, of the Anna Frank square in Barcelona -Square Victoria Kent project in Barcelona 2016