Fort 137 by Daniel Joseph Chenin, photo by Stetson Ybarra, Stephen Morgan, Daniel Joseph Chenin



The mission of the LIV Hospitality Design Awards is to celebrate the quality and diversity of the architectural ventures and interior design projects shaping the worldwide hospitality industry today. Launched in 2020, the award is an inclusive platform, that pursues and rewards exceptional projects.

LIV Hospitality Design Awards is a program under the 3C Awards, a leading organization curating and promoting design across the globe. The company represents today’s diversity and innovation in Lighting Design, Furniture Design, Sport Design, Interior Design, and Architecture. Each brand is a symbol of design excellence around the world, showcasing Professional and Emerging designers’ work to over 100 expert jury members.

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“What was great about being a jury member for the LIV Design Awards was exposure to the enormous creativity brought to bear on design solutions for hospitality around the world.It always fascinates me how, with the same problem, there are so many potential unique solutions. Each of them addressing programmatic requirements, operational constraints and embedded brand ideologies, yet somehow, under the skillful watch of creative designers, these things come to light in magical ways. It was very inspiring.”

David Kepron, Founder of NXTLVL Experience Design, Retail (r)Evolution, LLC, and former VP  of Global Design Strategies at Marriott International.

Why should you register?



Whether it’s your design credentials or a strong, sustainable concept, by carefully selecting the category you enter, you create a niche, making you stand out for all the right reasons.



Adding ‘Award Winning’ to your product or project helps in brand-building, talent attraction, and engaging with potential investors.



Our winning badge is a sign of quality for potential customers and can be a part of your sales strategy.

The LIV Hospitality Design Awards ceremony is a celebration of the winners’ achievements and offers an opportunity to network with industry peers and press representatives. Being recognized as a winner or finalist at the LIV Awards, which are known for recognizing the industry’s most innovative and talented designers, provides a valuable PR opportunity that can significantly boost the reputation of any design firm or individual.

What is the judging process?

The winners will be selected following multi-voting rounds, the jury members cast their vote on our online judging system using a scorecard, then the finalists’ projects are reviewed during a group call on a secure platform.



  • Innovation — does the design provide something new to the market or supplement/improve an existing structure?
  • Ergonomics — How is the interaction with the client? Space optimization?
  • Durability — the quality and longevity of the design and Architecture
  • Integration — about the integration of the project to its local environment
  • Ecological compatibility — potential environmental and/or ecological impact
  • Emotional quotient — in addition to fulfilling its practical purpose, does this Living space create a sense of enjoyment, and satisfaction?
  • and more

Registration Fees


⇒ CHF 230 incl. VAT ( approx.: US$250)

Same entry in additional categories at a 50% discount


⇒ CHF 70 incl. VAT ( approx: US$76)

Same entry in additional categories at a 50% discount

No Further Fees:

Unlike some other design awards and competitions, there are no further fees for winning the award and everything listed in the winner’s benefits will be provided free of charge.

Award Deadlines

  • June 30th, 2024

    ⇒ 10% Early Submission discount

  • September 8th, 2024

    ⇒ 5% Early Submission discount

  • October 31st, 2024

    ⇒ Regular Deadline

  • December 15th, 2024 until January 19th, 2025

    ⇒ Final Deadline (10% late fee applies)


Avani Chaweng Samui Hotel & Beach Club

Winner in Architectural Design Hotel – Midscale & Lifestyle

Company SOHO Hospitality, Thailand

Lead Designers SOHO Hospitality, Thailand

Hotel Cirque

Emerging Interior Designer of the Year – Living Space

University New York School of Interior Design

Lead Designers Sarah Choudhary

The Mexican

Winner in Interior Design Bar Lounge

Company Paulina Moran

Lead Designers Maria Paulina Moran De Las Fuentes