LIV Hospitality Design Award Winners at APDC Awards Event

LIV Hospitality Design Award Winners Shine at Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) Awards Event

April 12, 2024

The 3C Awards honoured the BLT Built Design Awards and LIV Hospitality Design Awards 2023 winners during the two-day Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) Awards event and conferences. Exceptional projects from the LIV Hospitality Design Award recognized at the Gala were:

  • Shanghai Wyndham Grand Hotels and Resorts: Designed by Quan Huang of Weiji Interior Design.
  • Ever Boom, Shenzhen: Designed by Xie Peihe of AD ARCHITECTURE.

The APDC International Design Awards Gala, held March 26-29, 2024 in Foshan and Shanghai, China, is a major annual event. Over a thousand design professionals from various countries participated, representing architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and product design.

The Gala is a collaborative effort between APDC and numerous design award organizations, including the BLT Built Design Awards, the LIV Hospitality Design Awards, and others. It aims to recognize exceptional designers, discover new talent, and promote sustainable growth within the design industry.

During the event, Prof. Patrick Fong, the APDC International Design Awards Gala (2023-2024) chairman, announced that Ms. Astrid Hébert will take over as the chairman for 2025-2026. Ms. Hébert, a design industry veteran, previously served as an executive at the IDA International Design Awards in the United States and is the founder of the Swiss 3C Group, which oversees prestigious awards like the SIT Furniture Design Award, the LIV Hospitality Design Awards, the BLT Built Design Awards, and the LIT Lighting Design Awards.

The unveiling of each design award allowed attendees to witness the pinnacle of collaboration between Chinese and international designers. The Gala serves as a springboard for design talent, and organizers believe participation in influential design competitions is crucial for success. They look forward to more Chinese designers achieving recognition through the APDC platform and reaching the global stage.