Yutopia Resort Shanghai Sheshan

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Resort – Boutique
  • Company/Firm
    Challenge Design
  • Lead Designer
    Jie Lee, Wei Liu, Fang Yan
  • Location
  • Construction Company
  • Architect
    Huijuan Tan, Xiaochen Wang, Dong Wang, Haiyang Lee, Haocheng Xi, Hanlin Qian
  • Interior Designer
  • Hospitality
    Shimao Hotel Management Company
  • Developer
    Shimao Hotel Management Company

The project is located in Songjiang, a historical and cultural area known as “the root of Shanghai”. The hotel creates an appealing space of jiangnan connotation and constructs a picture of the secular life of literati with both elegance and common taste, so that the guests become part of the narrative picture, both the viewer and the sitter. Due to the existence of water system, the whole building is arranged in the texture of “river-house-street-house-river” and “river-house-street” and other traditional blocks in the South of the Yangtze River.The hotel lobby refers to the Ming Dynasty building, using seven purlin small architectural form, gable and hip roof, surrounded by a circle of corridors, is a typical jiangnan garden hall practice. White walls with black roof-tiles, small bridges over flowing waters,and rooms with black, white, gray and wood colors constitute the overall color, concise mountain form in the landscape painting is used to construct curved roof.