• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Bar Lounge
  • Company/Firm
    Archisphere (Carbone & Kacerovsky GmbH)
  • Lead Designer
    Gabriel Kacerovsky
  • Other Designer(s)
    Elisabeth Fellner, Bettina Buhl
  • Architect
    Renzo Piano Building Workshop
  • Interior Designer
    Archisphere (Carbone & Kacerovsky GmbH)
  • Hospitality
  • Construction Company
    NMPB Architekten, Bollinger + Grohmann International, Pro Projekt Baumanagement & Planungs, Adenbeck
  • Photo Credit
    Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere
  • Location
    Vienna, Austria
  • Project Date
    April 2019
  • Developer
    SIGNA Development & Entwicklungs GmbH

The design for Aurora, the rooftop bar above Hotel Andaz am Belvedere, was named after the northern light. The use of natural materials such as various types of wood and the warm ambience all reflect Nordic design. Details play an important part in every furniture piece, quality evident by the different treatments of wood, integrated wardrobe and hidden technical features.

The design, which features a soft colour palate of natural shades frames a beautiful view over Vienna. Therefore, the hight of the furniture and design elements are thought out in a way that every guest has a beautiful view outside from any seating area. The bar resembles stacked wood outside a cabin and brings in a metaphorical breeze from the sea with the seagull like lamps. The elegant modern ambience is complemented by the warmth the two fire places bring, one inside, one on the terrace. A fireplace warms up the dark winter nights in every Scandinavian house. Through the designed layout of the sitting areas on the large terrace, the guests can enjoy the beautiful view over the city all year long. The love for raw natural materials from the bar overflows into the terrace and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Archisphere, Gabriel Kacerovsky ZT GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria, was founded in 2000 by Gabriel Kacerovsky. Today the team consists of about 20 architects and designers from seven nations. Archisphere's projects are characterized by creativity, precision and consideration. With every project - mainly in the hotel and hospitality sectors - Archisphere tells a story that begins with planning, becomes visible in design and becomes tangible in use.