Jewelry Box

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Residence
  • Company/Firm
    L'Atelier Fantasia
  • Lead Designer
    Idan Chiang
  • Photo Credit
  • Location
    Taipei City, Taiwan

The design of fine jewelry is often inspired by the beauty of nature, conveying the idea of living in harmony with it. In this case, the designer used the favorite floral and mineral elements in jewelry design as the main design concept of the space. The rich use of colors and materials are the aesthetic elements that make up this case. Green and blue are the main tones of the space, bringing out the natural atmosphere and creating a sense of visual hierarchy through different shades of colors. Through a realistic design approach, the designer extracted style from the jewelry elements and interpreted the entire space with a contemporary aesthetic. Bionic floral and vine lines are interlaced in the space. Golden material is used as a color accent to give the whole space a sparkling and noble quality. The whole project expresses the rich elements as jewelry in the space through diversified materials and bright color combinations. With stylish furniture arrangement and lighting configuration, the designer creates the aesthetics of the space, creating a gorgeous residence like a jewelry box.

Idan Chiang, the founder of the L'atelier Fantasia, has been praised by many international brands and high-end real estate clients for his scattershot aesthetic that blends neoclassical and modern styles. Her major in sociology allows her to remain sensitive to the pulse of society and the needs of the people; she also integrates culture and art in the space, creating a living and public space with a humanistic mindset and sense of the times through the integration of organizational systems.