Aqua Romance

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Apartment
  • Company/Firm
    Pure Interior Design Limited Company
  • Lead Designer
    Vivian Chiu
  • Other Designer(s)
    Ke-Ye Wu
  • Photo Credit
    Dirk Heindoerfer Photography
  • Location
    Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Project Date

The soft and elegant French neo-classical style forms a romantic space atmosphere, and the elegant and complex French skirting boards are used to match the ceiling skirting boards, creating a multi-layered overlapping aesthetic. The entrance is transformed by the TV wall, using the curves on both sides of the TV wall to create an enveloping and grand visual effect, and using the curved surface to enlarge the entrance, opening up the scale of the walkway restricted by the beams and columns. The unity of materials and colors, and the open and transparent layout of the space allow for interaction and dialogue between the three different public areas, making the public areas large and comfortable. All the air conditioning equipment is hidden in the ceiling, and the air vents are designed with air return. Bathroom door pieces combined with art paintings, so that the door becomes a natural artistic picture in the space. Marble effect of tiles through seamless workmanship, expressing the texture and pattern beautifully. The space is elegantly brought out by the flow of textures, creating a timeless style with both taste and texture.

We return the design to the purest level, based on humanism, and then feedback to the user's life, making the living space pure and intuitive through spatial design, allowing the space to preserve the quality of living while integrating the modern thinking, combining aesthetics to create a functional and beautiful space, providing the residence with a casual, convenient and stylish space.