COMPARTIR Restaurant

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Theme
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    EL EQUIPO CREATIVO: Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo, Lucas Echeveste Lacy
  • Other Designer(s)
    Daniel Trujillo, Ricard Fabregat
  • Interior Designer
  • Photo Credit
    Adria Goula
  • Location
  • Project Date

Our clients aimed to bring the Mediterranean essence of the town of Cadaques, home of their first restaurant, to their new gastronomic concept in Barcelona. Slate roads, blue windows to the Sea, vessels rocking on the bay, and wicker craftsmanship invading its streets, are part of the artsy spirit of Dali's town.
The restaurant's design aims to recreate this picturesque spirit, reinterpreted from a contemporary urban perspective.
The restaurant is located in a classic venue in the Eixample district, which resembles an art gallery, so common in this area. And so it is that we have imagined the design: a white space presided by three blue abstract windows to the Sea: a sculptural, a pictorial and a textile window.
The curved shapes of mirrors and wicker dividers bring a warm counterpoint, converted into lamps of warm light scattered along the space, recreating an abstract landscape of sails and vessels.
Bars and kitchens have simple and bold shapes. Their colours and textures reference Cadaques's materiality: grey slate mosaic combined with terracotta ceramics, contrasting with the intense blue. The result is a bold set of pictorial qualities.

EL EQUIPO CREATIVO is a Barcelona-based interior architecture studio, specialized in the design of hospitality, gastronomy and brand spaces. Founded in 2010 by the architects Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo and Lucas Echeveste Lacy, the studio shares the idea that space tells stories, creates sensations and atmospheres. They have worked for some of the most prestigious chefs in the world, like Ferran Adrià, and among their designs, there are four Michelin star restaurants. The prestigious design FRAME recently selected them as one of the 20 most influential designers of the world.

Other prizes
2020 International Property Awards _ Winner 2020 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _Winner 2020 FX Awards _Shortlist 2020 Small Business Awards _Winner 2019 WIN World Interiors News Awards _Winner 2019 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _Shortlist 2019 FRAME Awards_Winner 2019 WADA World Architecture and Design Awards _Winner 2019 WADA World Architecture and Design Awards _Shortlist 2018 FX Awards _Winner 2018 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _Shortlist 2018 Winners’ Review Awards _Winner 2018 Architizer A+ Awards _Shortlist 2018 SBID Awards _Shortlist 2018 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _Shortlist 2018 IAA International Architecture Awards 2018 _Winner 2018 International Hotel & Property Awards _Winner 2018 International Hotel & Property Awards _Shortlist 2018 SBID Awards 2018 _Shortlist 2018 Build Awards _Winner 2018 IDMA International Design Media Awards _Winner 2018 HIP Horeca New Business Models Awards _Winner 2018 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _Shortlist 2017 FX Awards _Shortlist 2017 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _Shortlist 2017 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _Shortlist 2017 WIN Awards _Shortlist 2017 Blueprint Awards _Shortlist 2017 American Architecture Prize _Winner 2017 Build Architecture Awards _Winner 2016 AI Excellence Awards _Winner 2016 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _Best Overall Bar 2016 CID Awards _1st Prize 2016 FX Awards _Shortlist 2016 FX Awards _Shortlist 2016 WIN Awards _Shortlist 2016 Leaf Awards _Shortlist 2016 Leaf Awards _Shortlist 2015 XIV Tile of Spain Awards _1st Prize 2015 Interior Contract Award _3rd Prize 2015 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _1st Prize 2015 FX Awards _Shortlist 2015 WIN Awards _Shortlist 2014 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _Shortlist 2014 Architizer A+_Shortlist 2013 Best Of Year _1st Prize 2013 The Great Indoors Awards _1st Prize 2013 FX Awards _1st Prize 2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards _Shortlist 2012 AIT Awards_Shortlist 2012 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards_Shortlist