Bakery & Patisserie Storefront

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Food Court / Hall
  • Company/Firm
    ARCHE - Architecture & Design Lab
  • Lead Designer
    Vasilis Stroumpakos, Gerasimina Sarantopoulou
  • Architect
    Vasilis Stroumpakos
  • Interior Designer
    Gerasimina Sarantopoulou
  • Photo Credit
    Christos Dionysopoulos
  • Location
    Krestena Helias, 27055, Greece
  • Project Date

The project is a complete redesign of a bakery and patisserie storefront in Greece. The request from the clients was for a design that is both contemporary and intimate as well as to illustrate the dual identity of the bakery and patisserie. Based on this the approach was structured on the composition of opposing pairs: curve vs line, intricate vs subtle, saturated vs pure, function vs identity. Thus the curved, intricate, saturated upper part is combined with the orthogonal, subtle, pure lower part. The internal pillar (a former functional problem) was converted into the primary sign of identity.
The inner skin is a continuous surface that covers the ceiling and the back wall with its maximum deformation at the location of the inner pillar. It was made of birch plywood, composed of 59 sequential section profiles with differentiating geometry and size. The cutting was made with cnc-milling and the assembly by local craftsmen. This is a particular characteristic of the project: the combination of contemporary methods of design and fabrication with traditional techniques, rendering this as an opportunity for knowledge exchange between the two parties (designers, fabricators).

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