RELAXATION PAVILION - Reflection of nature

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Eco friendly
  • University
    Faculty of Design
  • Lead Designer
    Katja Kobal, Eva Šintler
  • Other Designer(s)
    Menthors: red. prof. Nada Maticic, prof. dr. Dragan Calovic, Tjasa Caks, m.i.a.
  • Location
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Project Date
    conceptual design

The pavilion is designed designed with a simple form, whose shape follows the space in which it is placed - Gradascica Park, Ljubljana. The resulting construction is likemost of the elements in the park - linear. From east to west, the structure narrows, asdoes the space in which it is set. The facade is made of a high-polished reflective metal, making the structure almost invisible. At the southern end, the pavilion opens out onto the park, where visitors can enjoy the view. By narrowing the structure, a more private part of the interior is created, and a more open part for those who come in company or do not need so much intimacy.