Oasis - Mansion Duplex

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design –– Living Space
  • Company/Firm
    Kira Design Limited
  • Lead Designer
    Kim Wong
  • Location
    Kai Tak , Hong Kong
  • Project Date
    19 January 2020
  • Construction Company
    Times Creative Limited
  • Interior Designer
    Kim Wong

The main mission of the project “Mansion Duplex” locates in new luxurious residential development in Hong Kong, where our client can enjoy both dynamic, splendid sea view and the modern city view. Our design director decided to combine modern luxury design and urban trendy elements in this design.

The residence is presented to our clients, who are the urban middle class couples with two kids. To appeal to these individuals, specific design elements and styles were implemented by highlighting the elegance while creating thoughtful & functionable designs with highest quality for them.

One of the biggest challenges was to create the feeling of home that attract different members of the family. We need to consider different personalities and their preferences and create a living spaces cater them and their lifestyle.

Ultimately, the residence can create an ideal lifestyle for the whole family. In the process of designing, we created a sense of harmony through incorporating the view from the window into the interior space. Unity created through specific selection of material and forms in the space with further connection of garden green view, as well as the warm and cozy design.

Mr. Kim Wong
The Founder and Design Director of KIRA, Mr Kim Wong has accumulated more than 20-year experience in interior design and project management who leads the professional design and project team to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality service and workmanship for clients. The projects he managed showed in the project list can prove his past solid experience. Kim’s creative design has been commended by many satisfied clients and prove himself as reliable and respected professional in interior design industry.

Other prizes
1. (15 April 20) 2019-2020 Bronze A'Design award, Grand Marine Sales Office 2. (15 April 20) 2019-2020 Iron A'Design award, Grand Marine Show Flat 3. (15 April 19) 2018-2019 Silver A'Design award, Consonance Sales Office 4. (28 Nov 19) 2019 International Hotel & Property Award, Mariella House 2 5. 2018-2019 Winner of Office Interior Hong Kong Award, Asia Pacific Property Awards Interior, The Globe Show Flat