Mr. Pizza

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design –– Eating Space
  • Company/Firm
    Idea International
  • Lead Designer
    Alex Kovachev
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Anna Nikolova; Margarita Zaphirova
  • Location
  • Interior Designer
    Alex Kovachev
  • Project Link

Telling the story of Dolce Vita, extravagant and vital, for modern romantics, is the desire of Alexander Kovatchev and Studio Idea. The concept of luxury is transferred to a magical forest. The mystical world in Mr. Pizza is turned upside down. Fireflies and reflections are scattered all around. The design is twisted in a Rock & Roll way, in order to create an enchanting oasis, a gourmet for the senses. The turned upside down gardens create a magical effect and a sensation of a mythical space. Going back to nature is interpreted with the idea of splendor and lavishness. The poetic lighting follows the shape and form of the upside-down gardens and trees emphasizing the feeling mysteriousness.

Alex Kovatchev is the founder and conceptual drive of the most successful and award-winning interior studio in Bulgaria. All over the world, together with IDEA’s team, for almost two decades, they have been working on the creation of luxury interior solutions for residential and public spaces, restaurants, hotels, aircrafts, yachts, etc. From the overall vision to the smallest detail he creates timeless designs. His projects combine in the finest possible way character, style, functionality, comfort, balanced sense of high-tech solutions and special handmade effects, furniture and lighting.

Other prizes
Alex Kovatchev and Studio Idea have received numerous awards from prestigious international competitions such as German Design Awards 2020, London Club Awards, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, International Property Awards, International Design Awards, BigSee Interior Design Awards, A’Design Awards, etc. In 2019 Alex Kovatchev was nominated for designer of the decade worldwide by the International Architecture and Design Awards. Among the most awarded projects are Mr. Pizza, Sublime Bachelor Pad, Intercontinental Hotel Sofia, exclusive projects of private homes in Sofia, London, Berlin, Moscow, Los Angeles.