Comedor público. PT de Boecillo Valladolid (Spain)

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Architecture –– Eating Space
  • Company/Firm
    José Ramón Sola Alonso- IPE SL
  • Lead Designer
    José Ramón Sola Alonso. Architect
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Fernando Aguado Aparicio. Engineer
  • Location
    Castilla y León Technology Park in Valladolid (Spain)
  • Project Date
  • Construction Company
  • Architect
    José Ramón Sola Alonso
  • Interior Designer
    José Ramón Sola Alonso
  • Developer
    Government of Castilla y León (Spain)

Public dining room of the Castilla y León Technology Park in Boecillo -Valladolid- (Spain)
The Government of Castilla y León announces an architecture competition for a Collective Dining Room for 1000 people at the companies´ service of the Boecillo Technology Park (Valladolid)
The competition is won with the architectural concept of Refertorio, where the simple function of eating is transcended. It is built a "place” where one goes to be restored and recreates a space with a spatiality that allows communication, social relationship and encounter between people, around the main activity of eating.
The project develops a 4,300 m2 building, whose expression rests on light as the indoor space protagonist, the freedom of volumes and the use of materials such as brick, glass, wood and concrete. The brick like Castilian ceramic industry tribute. Glass, as an architectural solution, only satisfies constructively and aesthetically when it is expressed as an opening towards light. Wood returns to matter the organic condition that relates it to humans and their activity. Exposed concrete allows the compositional affirmation of the wall and pillars solidity.

Architect director of architecture projects. Partner architect of IPE S.L. (Institute of Projects and Studies)

Other prizes
2001- Mention in the 3rd Edition of the SEDIGAS National Architecture Award with the Centro Building from the Castilla y León Technology Park in Valladolid. Organizer: Society for the Study and Development of Industry. Barcelona 2008-AR&PA 2008 International Heritage Intervention Award. Regional category for the Restoration of warehouse nº 2 of the Medina de Rioseco dock (Valladolid) of the Castilla Canal (19th century) Organizer. Regional Government of Castilla y León. 2011-National Prize of the Fundación Círculo de Economía for Sponsorship and Patronage Business 2010, in the Culture category, for the Cultural Project to restore the facade of San Pablo de Valladolid. Organizer: Fundación Círculo de Economía (Spain)