Family with a pearl necklace

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design
  • Company/Firm
    L'Atelier Fantasia
  • Lead Designer
    Idan Chiang
  • Photo Credit
  • Location
    Taiwan, Taipei
  • Project Date

A focus on humanity and the role of art in revealing the spirit of the client, this project has been designed around timeless pieces of focal collectible art. The fusing of contemporary works of art and the spaces designed around them, transcends simple materiality, while emphasizing the interplay and role of art in reflecting humanity.

One main space is centered around ‘Green Aquamarine Necklace’, a piece by the contemporary French artist, Jean-Michel Othoniel. Inspired by his 4-story installation commissioned by Chanel, NYC, the flow of the necklace and the interplay of the individually hand-blown glass beads resonates with the space and overall aesthetic of the property.

This space, Family with a pearl necklace, is a melding of art-centric design and timeless works of art in conversation. Inspired by the interplay of color, shapes, and functionality, this family residence presents the possibility of design as art, in support of art, and as a bridge to the appreciation and timelessness of award-winning collectable contemporary art to humanity.

Idan Chiang, the founder of the L'atelier Fantasia, has been praised by many international brands and high-end real estate clients for his scattershot aesthetic that blends neoclassical and modern styles. Her major in sociology allows her to remain sensitive to the pulse of society and the needs of the people; she also integrates culture and art in the space, creating a living and public space with a humanistic mindset and sense of the times through the integration of organizational systems.