Like A Bird

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design
  • Company/Firm
    L'Atelier Fantasia
  • Lead Designer
    Idan Chiang
  • Photo Credit
    Moooten Studio
  • Location
    Taipei City, Taiwan

The artistry in the space comes from the extension of the occupants' imagination of life. Using the organic lines of flowers and birds as the source of inspiration, the flowers and birds are transformed into geometric shapes in the space, creating an atmosphere of birds and flowers in the space through visual and tactile sensations from an artistic perspective. The overall environment is presented in an open layout, giving the space a sense of space. Large floor-to-ceiling windows are used to draw the view into the room, so that the spaciousness of the interior and the wide view of the outdoors can be integrated to achieve the effect of visual extension.

Like A Bird combines neo-classical elements, oriental elements, and modern style. The ambiance of the space is brought out by fine soft furnishings and refined decorations, and the theme of the space is illuminated by the artistic transformation of floral and bird forms. The elegant color palette of the space is accented by modern luxury in black, white and gold. Modern furniture, artwork, lighting and textiles are used to bring out the elegance of the space with an aristocratic touch.

Idan Chiang, the founder of the L'atelier Fantasia, has been praised by many international brands and high-end real estate clients for his scattershot aesthetic that blends neoclassical and modern styles. Her major in sociology allows her to remain sensitive to the pulse of society and the needs of the people; she also integrates culture and art in the space, creating a living and public space with a humanistic mindset and sense of the times through the integration of organizational systems.