EMS Sécheron

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Architecture –– Living Space
  • Company/Firm
    Luscher Architectes SA
  • Lead Designer
    Rodolphe Luscher
  • Photo Credit
    (C) fausto pluchinotta
  • Location
  • Project Date
    december 2016
  • Architect
    Rodolphe Luscher

Owner : City of Geneva
60 individual rooms, with private bathrooms
14 independent apartments for seniors
1 community apartment for 4 people.
The housing and the medico-social space, the neighborhood house, as well as the nursery are grouped around the central space and are precisely implanted in this existing public park.
The retirement home is located in this park with the 4 buildings already built and identified by the imperative choice of the green color.
The main facades of the building are composed of 4 horizontal bands inclined in gradation. Its polyphonic quality has the power to restore at all hours of the day the variations of a transformed pictorial resonance.
The interior architectural "elements" (bedrooms, dining room, reading space, etc.) immersed in a pictorial climate adapted to each function melt into a calm and serene ambient and orchestral clarity. The softened and complementary tints are in harmony with the optical mixtures and raise the simultaneous contrasts.
In a dilated present, the reassured and confident actor will walk each day on his new life paths in an atmosphere of comfort.

50 years of multidisciplinary activity in Europe
676 projects in architecture/urbanism/infrastructure
74 achievements, 194 study mandates
12 fields of activity
urbanism / housing / education / administration / cultural / religious
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sports and leisure / industry / health / infrastructure ...
in multiple fields, both public and private
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Other prizes
A total of 87 awards, some examples: Distinctions vaudoises d’architecture_Switzerland 1985 2 distinctions - Telephone exchange, Vullierens (VD) - Restoration of a cure, Prilly (VD) 1989 2 distinctions - Child Life Center „Valency“, Lausanne (VD) - Factory transformation, Chavanne-près-Renens (VD) 1992 3 distinctions - Workshop extension, Romanel-sur-Lausanne (VD) - Electric transformer stations, Tannay (VD) - Fitting out of technical and administrative offices, Lausanne (VD) 1989 World Habitat Day certification_United Nations 2012 SLG Prix Lumière_Switzerland - Railway station, Prilly-Malley (VD) UIA - KIA Korean Institute of Architects 2012 Certification 100 architects of the year - Railway station Prilly-Malley (VD) 2013 Certification 100 architects of the year - FIBA – Headquarters, Mies (GE) 2014 Certification 100 architects of the year - 3 buidings complex, Montreux (VD) 2017 Certification 100 architects of the year - 5 buidings complex, Chêne-Bougeries (GE) 2018 Certification 100 architects of the year - Retirement home, Geneva (GE) 2020 Certification 100 architects of the year - Depot-workshop for Railway, Nyon (VD) Pre-qualifications Austerlitz station, Paris (F) UIA – Award Mies van der Rohe - Theater of Vidy, Lausanne (VD) Publications Many projects have been published in international specialized journals: - Switzerland - Germany - France - England - Italy - Netherlands - South-Korea - China - Turkey - Tschek - Spain - Austria - Japan - Belgium