Chapter Dining and Grill

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design –– Eating Space
  • Company/Firm
    Mars Architect
  • Lead Designer
    Trung Quang Tran
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Linh Dieu Chu, Ngoc Hong Le, Tra Thanh Nguyen, Thai Hong Pham
  • Photo Credit
    Viet Anh Nguyen
  • Location
    Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Project Date
  • Construction Company
    F3 Interior Construction
  • Architect
    Trung Quang Tran
  • Interior Designer
    Linh Dieu Chu, Thai Hong Pham
  • Hospitality
    Chapter Capital
  • Developer
    Chapter Capital

Chapter is a story of a dining experience that strives to impart its innovative energy and authentic spirit in the fledgling world of fine dining in Hanoi, Vietnam. Its culinary concept prioritizes bringing out the most sincere quality of every ingredient by marrying the primal technique of chargrilling with modern cooking techniques. Our design of the restaurant therefore embraces this concept, respecting the authenticity in materiality while elevating them to enhance the dining experience.
The restaurant space is renovated from a two-story space inside a rundown hotel within the historic Old-Quarter of Hanoi. It is nestled on a long and narrow street, often crowded with people exploring this tourist attraction area. The facade takes inspiration from the obscure and ever-moving nature of flames, while taking advantage of its dynamic viewpoints to arouse curiosity from passerbys. Our design prioritizes the use of materials in its authentic and rustic forms, with the main ones being corten steel, stone and wood while showcasing their impressive beauty through material manipulation techniques.