• Prize
    Honorable Mention in Interior Design
  • Company/Firm
    Replus Co,Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Tomohiro Araki
  • Architect
    Tomohiro Araki
  • Interior Designer
    Tomohiro Araki
  • Hospitality
  • Construction Company
    Replus Co,Ltd
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  • Developer
    Replus Co,Ltd
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A renovation project to transform a room with a poor view into a premium room with a semi-open-air bath.
A vertical wooden louver separates the bedroom from the guest room, and the bedroom floor is raised to create a floating feeling.
The flooring in the bedroom uses the ancient Japanese traditional technique ``chona'' to enhance the feel of the soles of your feet.
The image is of a hotel standing by the water.
The head of the bed in the bedroom is decorated with Japanese kumiko, completing a modern Japanese design.

Rather than adding additional elements to something or embellishing it with ornaments to bring out its individuality, by subtracting unnecessary elements from what is already there, we can create an expression and style that is as close to zero as possible. The idea is to keep things simple.

In terms of daily life, instead of arranging the furniture and things in your home to decorate the space, you can place really good things and things you like in the right places, and you will be able to understand what is important and what is important. This makes it easier to understand what you should do.

Recently, we have often heard the word ``declutter'', but I believe tha

Other prizes
2023IDA International Design Awards Silver