• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Guesthouse
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Heng Zhou
  • Location
    Mogan Mountain, China

The hotel is located in Mogan Mountain, two hours’ drive from Shanghai. As a place for holiday relaxing, it is designed to be a minimalist and calming space. The space has minimized visual distractors and no proactive expressions. People feel its existence blurring and tend to focus more on its natural surroundings. White cement structures are consistently used to form moving lines and particular functional areas. In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, a nature-connected way of living gives us the chance to cure and cleanse ourselves.
Exhibition spaces are embedded in the hotel’s public area. The public area is designed as an open space, which ensures smooth air circulation. Against the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemic, it offers people a space to connect with the nature, and have interactions in a mild yet encouraged way. Here, we promote guest to guest, and guest to nature connections through our open and human-centered exhibition spaces.
It is also the built proof that a simple, low cost, comfortable and nature-connected living space can be created through design with commercial objectives being achieved.

ZHDI was established in Hangzhou,China. The studio has accomplished commercial projects covering retailing, catering and hotels. Our design has evolved from brand positioning to architecture renovation, interior and furniture customization. Zhou Heng, the leading designer aims to break normal ways of thinking, cross the border lines, explore different genres, try to bring unique insights with experimental spirit into each solution for our projects. Our vision is to create more vibrant ways of life for our future society.

Other prizes
2019,Bronze Award,IAI Design Award,CHINA. 2020,The 100 Most Talented Young Architects and Interior Designers in China. 2020,Outstanding of the tear·Hotel,JINTANG PRIZE,CHINA. 2020,Bronze,IDA Design Awards,USA.