Sau Wa Court

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Tiny House
  • Company/Firm
    Mister Glory Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Glory Tam
  • Location
  • Project Date
  • Interior Designer

Spacious Living in Tiny Apartment

To tackle with tiny space is always a big challenge for most of the HongKongers. In this 300sq.ft. Tong Lau, we try to break the rules, constructing a loft in an apartment to solve the space problem.

Taking the advantage of Tong Lau, high ceiling and flexible space planning, we take down all the walls while a loft/cube is built in the center of the house. Different from typical room-seperated Hong Kong apartments, the “bedroom” is set up on the loft with a walk-in closet beneath, so that needs for storage and privacy in this studio flat are fulfilled. Rest of the parts are left for living space, which is perfect for friends’ gathering. Apart from the loft and the wall unit, panel for open kitchen, bookshelves and furniture are kept at waist-height level for spacious and airy living, and most importantly to let sunshine run through the house.

When we enter the room, a comprehensive of collections from the owner will get into our sight. We design a wood wall unit in order to display all the collectibles. The geometrical patterned wall unit is echoed with the “cube“ tiles in the kitchen, giving this sweet home a highlight.