Natiivo Miami - Gale Hotel and Residences

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design North America
  • Company/Firm
    Urban Robot Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Giancarlo Pietri
  • Other Designer(s)
    Sebastian Velez, JJ Wood, Justine Velez
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Hospitality
    Menin Hospitality
  • Construction Company
  • Location
    601 NE 1st Ave,33132 FL,Miami
  • Project Date
    2023, 51 Stories Condominium Residences (448) Condominium hotel residences (140) Hotel Units (100)
  • Developer
    Sixth Street Miami Partners, LLC
  • Project Link

Natiivo Miami represents a holistic blend that embodies the transition of Miami’s origins and it’s ever changing architectural diversity, originating with the Wagner Homestead, its oldest known house. This frontier home was built in the mid 1850s of hand-hewn lumber by pioneer William Wagner. Since that time, Miami has become a mix of architectural styles including Vernacular, Mid Century, and Art Deco. It is from this multifaceted tropical metropolis -with its natural landscape fusing into the downtown urban city- that Natiivo Miami is born.
Influenced by the collective design of Miami’s history, details such as hand-hewn lumber are incorporated throughout public areas. Art Deco & Mid Century elements are introduced into the guestroom furnishings. The color palette is a flavor infused with Shadow-Blue colors, inspired by Miami’s Magical Dusk hour, juxtaposed with Wetland-Green colors drawn from the neighboring Everglades.
To be present in the moment is to be native. Becoming local implies sensory engagement with cultural surroundings - uninhibited, authentic and real. All senses interact in a delicate balance making us no longer visitors. This is our home. This is Natiivo Miami.