Metamorphosis Yoga Shala

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Wellness ( SPA, Yoga, Retreat)
  • Company/Firm
    Yanniotis & Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Constantinos Yanniotis
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Konstantinos Xanthopoulos, Architect NTUA
  • Location
    Amieira, Portugal
  • Architect
    Constantinos Yanniotis
  • Project Link

This project is about a Yoga Shala proposal submitted in an International Architecture Competition Call. The site is part of a mountain Yoga Retreat Complex located in a breathtaking forest region of central Portugal. The new Yoga Shala building is inspired from the Yoga philosophy, being a spiritual practice rather than a physical exercise. The new development apart from the Shala with an atrium space, consists of the Teahouse cave volume. Both buildings are framed by the biomorphic xeriscaping garden islands, the curvilinear walking concrete stone paths and the cultivation activities levels.

The structure of the building consists of primary and secondary structural wood contour beams grid, based on the yoga mat width. The skin of the building is comprised by layers of plywood sheets, thermal insulation and structured titanium panels. The Yoga Shala curved building skin incorporates photovoltaic panels. It has the adequate thermal insulation and a Pasiv Haus construction envelope in order to maximize energy efficiency. The openings allow for adequate natural lighting and aeration. The rainwater and greywater are purified and stored in a water tank.

Constantinos Yanniotis graduated from the School of Architecture NTUA in 2011, following his studies of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Patras (2003). Since then, he has been practicing as an Architect at the Yanniotis & Associates Architectural Bureau, having an expertise in Inclusive Design. In its long-lasting activity, the Bureau has completed a significant number of projects – of both small and large scale – in various fields of building design and urban planning (residential buildings, office spaces, industrial buildings, tourist facilities, golf resorts & spor

Other prizes
01_2019, Good Practise 2019, Design-for-All Foundation Awards 2020, Barcelona/Spain 02_2020, Iron Award, A' Design Awards 2019-2020, Italy 03_2020, Shortlisted, S.ARCH Awards, Tokyo/Japan 04_2020, Honorable Mention, DNA Paris Design Awards, Paris/France 05_2020, 2nd Award, International Residential Awards 2020, The Architecture Community 06_2020, Shortlisted, THE PLAN Awards 2020, Italy 07_2020, Winner, Green Apple Award for the Built Environment and Architectural Heritage 08_2020, 1st Award, Rethinking the Future-Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2020/India 09_2020, Silver Award, International Association for Universal Design Awards 2020, Tokyo-Japan 10_2020, 1st Winner, Architect of the Year 2020 Awards, The Architecture Community 11_2021, Winner, Green Good Design Awards 2021, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design 12_2021,Winner,Paris DNA Design Awards 2021 13_2021,Honorable Mention, Best Practice, International Design-for-All Foundation Awards 2021