135 Jardins

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Condominium
  • Company/Firm
    Rka Arquitetura
  • Lead Designer
    Rodrigo Kirck
  • Other Designer(s)
    Bruno Bianchini, Katarine Schmitt
  • Architect
    Rodrigo Kirck
  • Interior Designer
    Rodrigo Kirck
  • Hospitality
    Silva Packer
  • Construction Company
    Silva Packer Construtora
  • Location
    Balneário Camboriú, SC,Brazil
  • Project Date
  • Developer
    Silva Packer Construtora
  • Project Link

The 135 Jardins was conceived with the premise of building an iconic residential,commercial and hospitable spaces - to be considered a landmark among so many buildings already built.
Was designed to be a prism, in which the apartment tower interconnects with its base and retail area; with this positioning to differentiate itself from competitors in the market. The housing units were designed in such a way that, when designing their internal spaces, users can have the freedom to unify them, with a wide variety of layouts, with the living areas being all integrated.
The project is located in the Balneário Camboriú, city has a massive urban infrastructure, superdense and with tourism as its main economic activity. It has an excellent hotel chain, diverse gastronomic structure, and it is close to some of the main tourist attractions in region.
The project aims to be an extension of consolidated gastronomic structure in the city, with stores ready to be leased to restaurants and bars. With the conceptual characteristic of "living in a five-star hotel", the project was designed with a spaces whit natural materials, in order to create warm, inviting and hospitable environments.

RKA Arquitetura, is a studio of ideas, presents the philosophy of searching for creative, innovative and provocative solutions in unique projects. Founded in 2005, it works in civil construction, urbanism, interior and naval projects in the most diversified scales.
It presents its structure, with a team of architects led by Rodrigo Kirck, graduated in 2005 in Architecture and Urbanism, awarded nationally and internationally, with a master's degree in Architecture. The office presents contemporary concepts in architecture, in search of new forms and solutions.

Other prizes
2005 - ALCOA Inovação em Alumínio | 1° Lugar; 2017 - Architizer A+Awards - Architecture +Prefab | Popular Choise; 2019 - A´Design Award - Architecture and Structure Design | Iron; 2019 - Americas Property Awards - High Rise Residential | Winner; 2020 - A´Design Award - Architecture and Structure Design | Bronze; 2020 - Americas Property Awards - High Rise Residential | Winner; 2020 - Outstanding Property Award London - High Rise Residential | Platinum; 2021 - A´Design Award - Architecture and Structure Design | Iron; 2021 - A´Design Award - Architecture and Structure Design | Bronze; 2021 - DNA Paris Design Awards - Big Scale Building | Winner;