Stokkøy Food Studio - from catch through cooking and serving

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Short-term Rental
  • Company/Firm
    Agraff Arkitektur AS
  • Lead Designer
    Yashar Hanstad
  • Other Designer(s)
    Andreas Gjertsen, Ørjan Nyheim from FUR Arkitekter
  • Location
    Stokkøya, Åfjord, Norway
  • Project Date
    Completed 2019
  • Interior Designer
    SJ Design
  • Developer

An old, dilapidated boathouse was rebuilt to create a unique customer experience amidst scenic and maritime surroundings on the seafront of Stokkøya. Guests can rent the boathouse with house chef included.
The modern boathouse was designed for social and culinary functions, while adhering to Norwegian coastal building tradition. The original size, shape and docking scheme of the old boathouse were retained. Its wooden construction was recreated using bound timber, with junctions precision cut by CNC, and assembled using only dowels.
While the other facades are kept simple, the sea-oriented facade opens up in large windowpanes, flooding the interior with daylight and giving a spectacular view of the sea.
One enters at a half level, seeing the living spaces below and the sleeping plateaus above, which are suspended from the roof in an open arrangement. The kitchen is visible from the lounge- and dining areas, with direct access to the pier outside.
Keeping elements of the old boathouse as guidelines, gave the project a clean cut and traditionally inspired exterior. This principle of preservation, inspired creativity and unrestrained thinking in shaping of the interior.