Between THE Chulu mountains

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Campers & Vans
  • Company/Firm
    L.A. Lab
  • Lead Designer
    Li-Ting Chen
  • Location
  • Project Date

The plan was launched in the summer of 2020. The base is in Taitung. Chulu means "a land without wind in the mountains". The Chulu Junior High School is located next the road from Taijiu Line to Hualien. The campus under the Balan Archaeological Site and the busy roads at times form interesting dialogues and nodes on the urban interface. The space sequence leaves this land many cultural memories. In order to enhance the identification and activity of this beautiful and quiet campus, the school plan to set up the entrance image of a wooden installation with local characteristics and the integration of the environment.
Visited Chulu Junior High for the first time, and I deeply felt the beauty of the scattered mountains, the light and shadow and the natural surroundings. Therefore, "Between the mountains" was decided through many discussions. The concept simply and intuitively continued to be touched by the changes of the mountains, The scattered shadows of the trees swayed and counted the time, trying to use space as the recorder of time, and the path became the environmental image created in different time series, providing teachers, students, visitors a place to stay and play.

L.A. Lab is a Taiwanese architecture practice firm created in 2011 on NOV. in Taichung. Now around its 6 partners. In these 10 years, L.A. Lab address on all kinds of projects that is for given a better life. Such as urban planning, architectural design, interior design, and some sustainable design.L.A. Lab also have many academic exchanges with different levels of students.In other hand, community construction becoming an important working pattern in our working process.