Canine and Feline Hotel

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Others
  • Company/Firm
    Raulino Silva Arquitecto
  • Lead Designer
    Raulino Silva
  • Architect
    Raulino Silva
  • Hospitality
    DCC- Domi Canis Cattus
  • Location
    Vila do Conde, Portugal
  • Project Date

The Canine & Feline Hotel is located in Parada, Vila do Conde and the main program consists of temporary dog and cat accommodation, a hotel where the animals stay for a few days, during holidays or professional travel of their owners.
The remaining program is a complement to the space's activity, with a veterinary office, a grooming room, outdoor training areas and a swimming pool for pets.

The program is distributed over three buildings that are interconnected, allowing to create three different areas.
This way we got to separate the cat zone from the dog zone, avoiding the meeting of both and reducing the animal noises. In another building we find all the public service spaces.

In combination with the programmatic layout needs, the three volumes were designed to reduce the impact of the construction area in order to improve its landscape integration.

Raulino Silva (Portugal, 1981) is an architect at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto and he has his own office in Vila do Conde.

Other prizes
The constructed works have already received the International Architecture Awards 2020 and 2018, by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, the IF Design Awards 2019, organized by the IF International Forum Design GMBH, the Iconic Awards 2017, organized by the German Design Council and the Baku International Architecture Award 2015, promoted by the Order of Architects with the support of the International Union of Architects.