KPM Hotel & Residences

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Brand New
  • Company/Firm
    Axthelm Rolvien Potsdam
  • Lead Designer
    Annette Axthelm & Henner Rolvien
  • Architect
    Annette Axthelm & Henner Rolvien
  • Interior Designer
    Annette Axthelm
  • Location
    Egnlische Strasse 6, 10587 Berlin, Germany
  • Project Date
    2019 Hotel (2021 Residences)
  • Developer
  • Project Link

The architects Axthelm Rolvien have developed a modern building whose design language clearly sets it apart from the surrounding buildings. Interlocking cubes lend the black steel fa├žade its three-dimensional liveliness, while floor-to-ceiling panorama windows provide additional accents. Inside, the hotel offers 117 individually designed hotel rooms and 58 long-stay flats (under construction). All rooms can also be used flexibly for a longer stay. One example of this are the pantry kitchens, which are fully equipped with fine KPM porcelain, among other things, and which can be completely concealed in the wall as a mobile, precisely designed wall module. Other unique room concepts have been realised in the form of the Community Kitchen, equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen technology and a cosy, chic dining table, or the Playroom, where table football, table tennis and a movie screen guarantee entertainment. An exclusive fitness and sauna area is a natural addition to the hotel's leisure facilities.
The corridors of the hotel are not purely traffic areas, but homely areas leading through high atriums with sofa landscapes and presentation walls with valuable KPM objects.

Other prizes
Architekturpreis Berlin 2020-Publikumspreis (Architecture Award Berlin 2020-Audience Award