Bisha Toronto

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Boutique
  • Company/Firm
    Studio Munge
  • Lead Designer
    Alessandro Munge
  • Architect
    Wallman Architects
  • Interior Designer
    Studio Munge
  • Hospitality
    INK Entertainment
  • Location
    Toronto, Canada
  • Project Date
    September 2017

Blending style and sophistication, Bisha Hotel was imagined as a temple devoted to the senses. Inspired by and embodying the spirit of a sophisticated nomad, Bisha welcomes and celebrates an Epicurean lifestyle. Step forth into liberation from minimalism and a projection into grandeur. Studio Munge seduces the curious and creative into an oasis where more truly is more; an unconventional experience that rejects all preconceived notions of hospitality design. The motifs are not only found in local galleries, residential comforts or singular toned palettes. Bisha is the mobilization of coveted indulgences from every corner of the world. Expressive in their opulence and sex appeal, the exquisite materials and textures were carefully handpicked while the sophisticated furnishings were custom designed with a rock sensibility and a luxurious edge. The consuming joys of Bisha seep through each floor with a sophisticated selection of dining destinations: the ground floor lobby bar wrapped in layers of emerald fabrics; the one-of-a-kind French Made café; Akira Back serving Japanese delicacies in a chamber of layered gold and black volumes; and finally, at the zenith of urban luxury, K?ST.