The Glitch

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Theme
  • University
    American University In Dubai
  • Lead Designer
    Joelle Kassapoglou and Samar Mouazen
  • Other Credit
    AUDesign_LAB, Rotana Hotels
  • Location
  • Project Link

The concept connects two things, the millennials, and a glitch. A glitch is usually observed as a sudden malfunction. However, the design concept approaches the glitch as a shift to something vaster.

Therefore, the millennials are considered to be the glitch for standing out amongst the other generations due to having different values and views on the world to make it a better place. Not only do the millennials want to reflect on each other positively, but they are also known to be technologically influenced, compassionate, and creatively expressive.

Due to having those unique characteristics, the other generations view the millennials as a glitch.
All in all, the design concept aims to highlight the importance of the millennial's existence by representing them as rods bursting out of previous generation television, for it is their time to shine.

The project is part of Hotel REgeneration, a collaboration AUDesign_LAB, AUD Interior Design Department and Rotana Hotels developed during the class IDES375_F&B Outlet Design.

Professor: Annamaria Lambri, AUD Associate Professor and Outreach Coordinator Interior Design Department.