Vela Resort and Spa

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Resort – Luxury
  • University
    Art Center College of Design
  • Lead Designer
    Jieyi Li
  • Location
    17020 Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, Ca
  • Project Date

Vela is a sustainability-oriented resort, in partnership with Costa Brazil, with the goal of purifying guests’ mind, body, and soul through celebrating self-care with rituals, hidden from the digital world, and treating nature with respect so those who are overwhelmed by stress and pressure can regain the beauty and peace within.

Located on the hill in a quiet neighborhood, while embracing the pure and uninterrupted pacific view, the site in malibu is a perfect location for locals who are looking for an opportunity to escape.

Water has the power to breed and nurture, cleanse and heal. At Vela, this powerful yet tranquil substance is treated as a sacred yet intimate feature that accompanies guests in many ways: showing the process of water collection; using live water as sound barriers; featuring water as a calmer in guestrooms…by exploring the possibility of water, Vela emphasizes that the wellbeing of ours is inseperable from the earth's.

With the inspirations from Costa Brazil and the goal of purifying our mind and earth, Vela, a ritualistic, tranquil, and alluring journey above water is born.

I see spatial design as a poetic profession. We narrate stories without writing down words, convey messages without saying anything out loud, we do it all through material, color, scent, touch, and many other things that evoke people’s feelings, lead people to think and start conversations.

Other prizes
IIDA Foundation the 2019 IA Interior Architects Diversity in Design Scholarship 1st place winner