Ethereal Natural Living

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hostel
  • University
    National United University
  • Lead Designer
    Chun Wei Yang , Yeh Ju Weng
  • Other Credit
    Shi-Yen Wu (advising professor)
  • Location
    Erawan National Park,Thailand,Asia

A ethereal natural space in the tropical rainforest.
Special,Mysterious and Looming.

Design Issue
In the natural environment, hard concrete buildings often become the destroyer of vision, so we thought about how to build a human living space in the vibrant tropical rainforest and integrate into it.

The base is located in the tropical rainforest of Erawan, Thailand. It contains 7 waterfalls and is covered by two forests, forming a natural environment with the waterfall as the node, the river as the axis, and the forest as the surface.

We try to imagine what the looming building looks like in the woods, and then draw this conclusion after imagining it as a basis to explore more in-depth concepts.

We followed the texture of the woods and looked for a suitable architectural concept. Finally, we decided to follow the appearance of the base in the form of a ribbon, and shuttle between the gaps of the woods in the form of neuron transmission.