Boqueria Chicago

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Casual
  • Company/Firm
    studio razavi architecture
  • Lead Designer
    Alireza Razavi
  • Architect
    Alireza Razavi
  • Interior Designer
    Alireza Razavi
  • Hospitality
  • Construction Company
    Summit Design + Build, LLC
  • Location
  • Project Date

Once a design has contributed defining a brand, growth poses an interesting challenge for architects. How does one convey an established identity and familiarity of brand while refraining from copy pasting previous designs over to a new location?
Boqueria in Chicago is located in the West Loop, in the former industrial & meatpacking neighborhood of Fulton-Randolf District which is being currently gentrified. Most buildings, new & old, have retained an industrial look: large open floor plates with columns. Because these spaces are predominantly horizontal in proportion, our approach was to layer the information so the design in its totality would provide a clear understanding of how it is organized.
Prevailing materials are wood and black tiles, both not only reminiscent of the original Boqueria but also because of the feelings associated with them. One taking on a nice patina over time, the other providing a feeling of permanence & protection throughout the space.
All light fixtures have been custom designed to create a variety of lighting atmospheres but also as a reminder of the eclecticism of Boqueria.