Xiang Song

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Theme
  • Company/Firm
    Lu & Yang Design Company
  • Lead Designer
    Fei Yang
  • Interior Designer
    Fei Yang

Xiang Song is a Hunan Cuisine restaurant which is located in the CBD of Guangzhou. The design inspiration is “The feast in the rice field”. We take rice---the significant crop in China as the core of our design.In order to create the immersive feeling of eating and cooking in the rice field, we set up a camera at the farm to bring the customers real-time images on the LED screen at the back of the open kitchen. On top of the open kitchen, is the scenario of how the people cook in Hunan of Han dynasty. For the walls, red bricks and loess, which are most common in rural Hunan, are used as decorative materials, but their colors and presentation methods have been changed. For instance, the red bricks are painted in black, which echoes the tone of the entire space. Moreover, we mixed with some straw and rice stalks to make the wall look more textured, in order to meet the inspiration of design. It creates a primitive and contemporary feast in the rice field, which forms a strong contrast with the Guangzhou CBD and brings you return to the pastoral environment among the contemporary buildings.