Soulum, Dining by the sea

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Restaurant – Theme
  • University
    Artcenter College of Design
  • Lead Designer
    Jason Yin
  • Location
    Stanley park, Vancouver
  • Project Date
    August 20 2020

"Soulum" is a fine-dining space located in Stanley park Vancouver, with the goal of redefining being alone and existentialism through experiencing various interactions between the user and space, visitors will walk through a narrative sequence, and individual virtual environments combined with eating experience, so foodies and visitors can embrace or accept eating-alone and understand human spirits behind different crab-eating cultures.

Hi, my name is Jason Yin. As a spatial designer, I believe that we can all learn something from culture. To me, design is not only about solving problems, but also about bringing connections. My design passion is always related to cultural inspirations and exchanges.

As a designer, I respect all individual’s identities and felt the importance of promoting the essence of different ideologies into a contemporary context. By doing that, we can break boundaries and bring new connections.

Other prizes
Sustainability Design - Williamson Gallery ArtCenter