• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Casual
  • University
    American University In Dubai
  • Lead Designer
    Sayat Hojagulyyeva & Giulia Mula
  • Other Credit
    AUDesign_LAB, Rotana Hotels
  • Location
  • Project Link

Suave is an inspirational F&B outlet that serves as a relaxation, inspiration, and communication zone for artists, designers, and dreamers.
Inspired by the ancient Greek Hypostyle halls and courtyards, the space aims to translate a utopian and feel, the space is situated on the outskirts of Dubai and right on the sea.

The addition of the conversation pits that are a part of the floor slab gives the guests an illusion that they are sitting on the water. The translucent curtains, pastel color palette, and a fusion of Turkmen and Italian food give the space a unique identity.

The project is part of Hotel Regeneration, a collaboration AUDesign_LAB, AUD Interior Design Department and Rotana Hotels developed during the class IDES376_F&B Outlet Design.

Professor: Annamaria Lambri, AUD Associate Professor and Outreach Coordinator Interior Design Department