“Worth Waiting” Boutique Homestay

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Boutique
  • Company/Firm
    WHYNOT Design Corp
  • Lead Designer
    Wenjuan Zhang
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Wenjuan Zhang , Yingzhe Shi, Mingxi Zhao, Luman Ji
  • Location
    Beijing Huairou District Ertaizi Village,China
  • Project Date
  • Interior Designer
    Wenjuan Zhang

Lifestyle of rural area
Be sited in between the river and mountains. the boutique hotel is kept modesty and friendly rather than luxury by choosing stones ,wood, red bricks and grey tiles for the major material from local environment and village decoration.
Without redundant structures, a sunken courtyard is located on one side of the lawn where the customers are welcomed to seat around and talk and sing to each other and to enjoy the gifts given by the nature.
Reconstructing a historic architecture
The space characteristic is originated from its uniqe history .The Hotel is built within the existing ruins of a supply and marketing co operative of 1980’s which used to be a much visited place where people traded, communicated.
Back to traditional material and ingenuity
Rubble wall and timber structure was used to a large extend in traditional folk house but seldom in modern architecture. However, the nature of stone and wood were embalmed deep in heart of modern people.
Finally , The buiding were not courtyard and an enclosure place anymore. In the natural environment, different building material became the feature role under the spot light.

From School of Architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts, skilled in urban industrial research & product planning, achieve mastery in space design and create a balance between creative industry R&D and space aesthetics. Also concerned about the effect of contemporary art creation ideas on environmental design, conduct a beneficial exploration and practice for landscape design with original artistic thinking and expert in design and research on agricultural industrial park and urban open space.

Other prizes
2012 U.S.A. ASLA Annual Top Design Award- Excellent Award 2017 China Top 10 Hotel Designers 2019 China Architectural Decoration Material Space Application Award 2020 France GPDP AWARD- International Design Award Graduated