Guiyang Louvre Tulip Inn

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Boutique
  • Company/Firm
    Losaint Design Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Deng Hongle
  • Location
    Guiyang, China
  • Project Date
    30th Dec, 2019
  • Interior Designer
    Losaint Design
  • Hospitality
    Louvre Group

Tulip Inn is located in Guiyang, new Economic Zone. It belongs to the Louvre Wine Pipe Group of France. The designer hopes to write a city, engraving a landscape, creating a symbol of the city's spiritual totem, and continuing the local human context.

The space skeleton of Tulip Inn follows the proportional relationship of science in Western painting. On the canvas of the overall space, it reflects the rich alienation deconstruction order. The abstract language everywhere-colours and geometric figures are used in different combinations to create the atmosphere that designers want to embody, romantic and elegant.

The architecture of Paris pursues solidity and eternity, demonstrating the conquest of nature by human beings; the architecture of central Guizhou, with the undulating terrain, space flows with the charm, and the architecture under the background of farming civilization complements nature. The designer want to pursue the eternal art of living with nature and living with landscapes.