Aramness Gir

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Lodge
  • Company/Firm
    Nicholas Plewman Architects & Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Nicholas Plewman
  • Other Designer(s)
    Ursula Randall
  • Architect
    Nicholas Plewman Architects & Associates
  • Interior Designer
    Fox Browne Creative
  • Hospitality
  • Construction Company
    Maurya Realcon Private Limited
  • Photo Credit
    Dook Photography
  • Location
    Gir National Park, Gujarat, India
  • Project Date
    November 2021
  • Developer
    Maurya Realcon Private Limited

Aramness Gir, set on what was once a completely barren tract of land, is inspired by the local villages with their well-worn cobble streets, kothis (homes) and other buildings that bring together a network of life and energy. Our aim was to create a lodge that feels as though it could have been here for decades, nestled between teak forest and the national park. The 18 double story khotis follow a similar vernacular to those in the local villages with traditional verandas and authentic Indian stepwells. The “Haveli”, where guests first arrive flanked by a set of impressive ramparts clad with jali screens, marks the entrance to the village with its contemporary but locally relevant façade. From there, a courtyard with its characteristic water feature gives way to a village street, the very heart of the lodge. Our focus on sustainability has been on the integration of both farming and conservation to create a symbiotic relationship that creates deep connections to the local culture. The interiors, designed by Fox Browne Creative, complement the design narrative through the thoughtful integration of local materials, culturally relevant design, and local craftsmanship.

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Other prizes
We are honoured to have won over 45 international awards: