Tam Dao House

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Residence
  • Company/Firm
    Tropical Space
  • Lead Designer
    Nguyen Hai Long and Tran thi Ngu Ngon
  • Construction Company
    Bach Ngoc Hoang
  • Photo Credit
    Trieu Chien
  • Location
    Tam Dao Town, Vinh Phuc Province, Viet Nam
  • Project Date
  • Project Link

Tam Dao house is a vacation house located in a valley at the foot of the mountain in Tam Dao town.
The house is designed with 3 stories, descending towards the valley. The house has a simple architectural shape with two square boxes placed on top of each other.

The entrance of the house is from the foot of the mountain, the architects designed the main hall on the ground floor , the front and the rear to be extended and connected to the courtyard, which helps the house not hide the valley landscape for everyone could see from the main road.

The courtyard and the pond also take part in ventilating to bring breeze into the house. The hall is designed open, is a place to sit down, have some tea, relax and feel the changing moments of the weather, the scenery, the sunshine and the rain.

The empty and the solid spaces are interlocked to ventilate and get more natural light into every corner of the house. The views are penetrated through many layers of voids creating the depth of the space. The rooftop is a camping area where people can experience the early frost walking through from the mountain to the valley and back.