Moxy Bern Expo

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design City Destination
  • Company/Firm
    JOI-Design IAD joehnk + partner mbB
  • Lead Designer
    Barbara Wiethoff
  • Architect
    Planergemeinschaft GWJ | ASTOC
  • Interior Designer
    JOI-Design IAD joehnk + partner mbB
  • Hospitality
  • Photo Credit
    Chrsitian Kretschmar for JOI-Design
  • Location
    Gardistraße 4, 3014 Bern Schweiz
  • Project Date
    September 2020
  • Developer

Inspired by the picturesque arches and alleyways of Bern’s old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Moxy’s design marries traditional highlights with modern interpretations. Clever illumination becomes the star of the show with radiant swathes of light suspended in a series of curves that move playfully through public spaces to cast a warm glow. This poetic feature evokes an evening walk under the starlit sky of the medieval quarter’s famed six-kilometre stretch of arcades, one of Europe’s largest covered shopping promenades.
The bar is the heart of the open-plan public areas and also has a concept shaped by insider city knowledge. In Bern, many clubs are below ground rather than street level due to architectural and historical circumstances. Access is gained through old basement trap doors on the street, creating clandestine appeal for nightlife fun. The Moxy bar’s cladding replicates typical trap doors, while natural finishes support the ambience and quirky accents reflect the brand’s personality.
The earthy, tone-on-tone palette of the guestrooms’ concrete walls, leather finishes, felt textiles and a back-to-basics peg wall form a calming antidote to the public areas’ vibe.