Patina Maldives

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Asia
  • Company/Firm
    Studio MK27
  • Lead Designer
    Marcio Kogan
  • Other Designer(s)
    the flaming beacon lighting design / vladimir djurovic landscape architects
  • Architect
    Marcio Kogan / Renata Furlanetto
  • Interior Designer
    Diana Radomysler / Pedro Ribeiro
  • Hospitality
  • Construction Company
    alhl pvt ltda
  • Photo Credit
    Fernando Guerra / George Roske / Jonas Poulsen
  • Location
  • Project Date
  • Developer
    pontiac land group
  • Project Link

No man is an island entire of itself.

How to build a space where hospitality provides romance and deep contact with nature but still boosts social encounters? How to lead people to really share with one another this extreme experience of one of the most remote places on the planet?
The hotel in the Maldives will provide a welcoming space for people to live light, to unleash creativity, amplify natural feelings in a dreamy state. The volumetric answers are extremely delicate, respectful to its surroundings, trying to provide shadows and coziness, to capture and amplify the landscape strength. The architectural lines never break the horizon, they speak low and elegantly. All buildings are visually permeable, melted, dematerialized, putting life and men in the center of the experience.The hotel is a kaleidoscope of atmospheres organized in an ascending way: from private to public, from isolation to belonging, from simplicity to sophistication. We escalate the textures and emotions from 0 to 100, from soft shadows to overwhelming light. It’s a rhythm with contrast, pauses and transparencies. From slow dolce far niente to exuberant real vitality.

Studio MK27 located in the chaotic city of São Paulo was founded in the late 70’s by architect Marcio Kogan and today is comprised of 30 architects and various collaborators worldwide. The architects of the team, great admirers of the Brazilian modernism generation, seek to fulfil the task of rethinking and giving continuity to this iconic architectural movement. The projects of Studio MK27 place value on formal simplicity and are elaborated with extreme care and attention to details and finishings.

Other prizes
IAB (Institute of Brazilian Architects), São Paulo Architectural Biennial, WAF, Architectural Review, Dedado Minosse, Record House, Leaf, D&AD, Spark, Barbara Cappochin, Iconic, AZ, Buenos Aires Ibero-americana Architectural Biennial, Wallpaper Design Award and Prix Versailles. In 2012 studio mk27 represented Brazil at the Venice Biennale.