Miss Miu

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Theme
  • Company/Firm
    Krucker Partner AG
  • Lead Designer
    Ivo Christow
  • Interior Designer
    Krucker Partner AG
  • Location
    Zug, Switzerland
  • Project Date
    12th August 2021

The restaurant tells the fictional story of the young Korean woman, "Miu." She had joined a travelling circus in Seoul in the 1980s and quickly became the main attraction with her burlesque shows. The guests of Miss Miu are immersed in a Mystical Circus World between "Naughty Korea" and Burlesque.
A big challenge in this project was to connect the indoor and outdoor area using a circus tent, which is divided by the facade, while keeping it as one space. The idea was to literally dissolve the facade of the building and move it inwards, so that the inside and outside worlds would merge. In addition to the circus tent, other designated all weather areas were created using cosy circus wagons and trailers.
Inside the restaurant are various exciting zones. Wheather it is a carousel lounge surrounded by balloons floating up and down, a bus stop in Gangnam that serves as a waiting zone for take-away, a self order station converted into a gaming salon, a small shop, a knife-throwing wall as a photo spot, the circus tent with a stage that the guests can marvall at exciting burlesque shows, or you simply embark on a sensual journey of experience in the authentically recreated BBQ Street.