Firangi Superstar

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Restaurant – Fine Dining
  • Company/Firm
    EDG Design
  • Lead Designer
    Piya Thamchariyawat, Principal/Snr Creative Director
  • Other Designer(s)
    Sherly Ariani, Senior Designer; Katherine Cameron, Project Manager; Dianne Condecido, Designer
  • Photo Credit
    Owen Raggett
  • Location
  • Project Date
    June 2021
  • Construction Company
    Fuse Design Pte Ltd
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
    EDG Design
  • Hospitality
    The Dandy Collection
  • Developer
    The Dandy Collection

Firangi Superstar is a modern Indian restaurant inspired by our client's cultural background and travels. Firangi is a Hindi word meaning foreigner and the space was envisioned as a “foreigner’s love letter to India.” The design takes guests on a dreamlike journey, drawing on the many facets of India’s history, geography and cuisine.

The restaurant is segmented into smaller experiences; each space is a unique and dynamic chapter in the story.

Guests are greeted in the Officer’s Club, with its rich palette and colonial-era relics. The bar is ablaze with peacock imagery, and liquors are on vivid display. The Old Railway Room, a private dining space, is an imagined train ride, with rustic wall lamps and fans, overhead luggage racks and a vintage Rajasthani landscape. The main dining area is split into two zones. The Elephant Palace is inspired by the blue room in the Udaipur City Palace. Parades of elephants animate the alcoves, framed by scalloped, Rajasthani arches. The cozy Jungle Lodge reads like a wildlife den, with its trophy wall of resin antlers and framed tiger art.

The design concept sets the stage for culinary and social connections and new experiences with each visit.