The 90's bar

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Bar & Pub
  • Company/Firm
    Mojo Design Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Angie C. Chang
  • Photo Credit
    Ar Her Kuo Photography | The Dolution Inc.
  • Location
    Hsinchu County, Taiwan
  • Project Link

Integrating the music video of Michael Jackson's classic song Thriller with the concept of the movie Back to the Future, the 90s bar is filled with neon colors and a time-traveling atmosphere through the overlap and flow of light and shadow using color-changing light strips, reflective fabric and spherical lighting. Between the first and second floors, the color-changing, rhythmic RGB light strips created a sense of a time warp. The transparent and silvery spherical light fixtures reflected, making the space rotating as the neon lights hanging high in the sky. The laminated fabric with reflective function was to form the ceiling. By using the glare effect of the fabric, the floor space was reflected to the ceiling, so that the virtual and the real were intertwined and interacted in this space. The laminated glass above the bar was also laminated with a dazzling glass film to reflect the flowing light in the space, adding a sense of psychedelia to the space. In this design, a large number of light lines, reflective materials and light globes were for creating a neon-colored atmosphere. The use of color-changing light lines created a time warp feeling, transporting guests to the 90s.

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