Bar Number Two - É Prá Poncha

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Bar & Pub
  • Company/Firm
    António Fernandez Architects
  • Lead Designer
    António Fernandez
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Ema Rosmaninho
  • Photo Credit
    José Campos
  • Location
    Lisboa, Portugal
  • Project Date
  • Architect
    António Fernandez and Ema Rosmaninho
  • Interior Designer
    António Fernandez and Ema Rosmaninho
  • Hospitality
    Bar Number Two - É Prá Poncha
  • Developer
    Manuel Reis & Elmano Reis

The BAR NUMBER TWO - É PRÁ PONCHA emerges out of respect for its heritage, the desire to interpret it, to unify the Lisbon / Porto designs, and also to attempt to create something genuine. Here the space opens up onto the main room where the central arches and stone pillars, full of history, worn by time and the use of chains that shackled the prisoners, are a strong presence. Now it is the metal trays which are supported by the pillars and people lean on these old stones, not hopelessly, but comforting themselves with a good glass of punch. Thus, the formerly cloistered and cold space of yore gains new life. The strata of coloured panels on the ceiling snake through the space, energizing it and creating a variety of emotions: colour, life, fruit, movement and escape are represented here. On the other hand, dreams, hope and freedom are in the heavens, that is, in the ceiling where the backlit screen helps to create an optical illusion. The stone archway holding us firmly on the ground seems to extend into the void and, in the end, the inside is outside! The illusion flows over the space as an enclosed shell, entrancing it.

António Fernandez Architects is an architecture and urbanism company, which throughout its existence has been developing several projects in different areas, such as housing, equipment, commerce and services, also dedicating itself to the design of furniture and graphic design integrated in the works that creates.
The architecture office is also dedicated to the design of the space environment, either small or large scale, instilling in its creation the same rigor and devotion in the idealization, realization and materialization of the architectural and design works that it conceives.

Other prizes
2022 TITAN Property Awards, Gold, Monumental Residences TITAN Property Awards, Gold, Gruta Café-Restaurante MUSE Design Awards, Platinum, AP MM LeBlanche MUSE Design Awards, Platinum, Gruta Café-Restaurante MUSE Design Awards, Gold, Monumental Residences 2021 MUSE Design Awards, Platinum, RM House MUSE Design Awards, Platinum, Papagaio Verde House MUSE Design Awards, Platinum, S. Roque House 2020 LIV Hospitality Design Awards, Honorable Mention, Gruta Café-Restaurante