Chongqing Such Mansion

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Boutique
  • Company/Firm
    YANG & Associates Group
  • Lead Designer
    Bangsheng Yang
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Jiesheng Tan
  • Location
  • Project Date

With an area of merely 9,000 square meters, this small hotel is budgeted carefully. To achieve the best effects within a low cost of construction, the designer focuses on creating unique spatial experience. The culture of the Republic of China, a representative episode in local history, is extracted as a design clue to deliver business travelers a “tourist destination” themed by “dream back to ROC”. In this way, while native culture is reinvigorated, the sophistication and gentleness of Chongqing, an otherwise “hot-tempered” city, is highlighted to the full.

The design on the lobby wall takes cues from local ROC-style architectural heritage. Its classic geometric patterns bring guests back to a hundred years ago. The lobby lounge, a Chinese-style space punctuated by Western furniture, embraces both local culture and modern fashion. The ADD restaurant ushers guests into a deeper exploration of ROC lifestyle through lighting, flatware, furniture and other vintage supplies. Scattered halo lights in the ballroom pay tribute to the prosperous illuminated night scene of Chongqing as a commercial port city.