• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Apartment
  • Company/Firm
    Yuan Pu Interior Design
  • Lead Designer
    Yen Ting Liu
  • Photo Credit
  • Project Date

The design is an alloy of Japanese Zen spirit and modern Scandinavian style with low-toned color palette. Large floor-to-ceiling windows are used to bring in light to warm up the space. The interior color palette is dominated by wood and stone textures, and the natural material colors and textures are paired with neutral colors to build a tranquil and elegant apartment. In the walkways, a large number of grilles are used to increase air flow and changes in light and shadow. The designer used system cabinet panels for the whole project, from the walls, furniture and the furniture surface, all presented with system cabinet panels with customized surface pattern of wood and stone grain. The purpose is to keep the space easy to maintain by being moisture-proof, durable, wear-resistant and easy to clean. Between the living room and the study, the designer placed a glass wall to make the space permeable visually, and also to make a connection between the two spaces, so that the study and the living room extended each other and enlarged the space in sight.

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