Affordable housing by the sea

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Social Housing
  • Company/Firm
    L&M Design Lab
  • Lead Designer
    Liu Jinrui
  • Photo Credit
    ZHU Qingyan
  • Location
  • Project Date

As an indemnificatory public rental housing project, the apartments will be the first homes for many young people in this coastal city, which meets the diversified living needs of new citizens as much as possible.
The design challenge is to provide prefabricated, changeable and multifunctional space in a standard unit of 40 square meters. From the perspective of future users, the fabricated steel structure building provides the best base for this 40 square meter unit. It is transparent and square, column free and wall free, which can accommodate a variety of lifestyles and residential structures to the greatest extent.
We take the "living alone" of young people as the basic prototype, and expand the system to meet more use scenarios. In the "living alone mode, 40 square meters includes U-shaped kitchen, independent bathroom, open living room, bedroom and variable cabinet. Even without considering the variable cabinet, this 40 square meter unit can meet the various needs of "living alone with high quality. Cooking, reading, gathering and watching movies can be carried out in a comfortable way to meet the needs of young people for the sense of ceremony in life.